Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Before Devic's - EEG: In Progress

This was originally posted on June 10, 2009 on my other blog. This blog will have a new design before the month is up. Yay! Until then, I'm going to do "Before Devic's" posts just to catch everyone up on how I got here.

I am officially "wired" for my 72 hour EEG test. It took about an hour and a half to get all 21 wires placed in the proper place on my head. No hair was removed and each wire is taped and glued to insure that it stay's in place. The other end of the wires are attached to a recorder which I have to carry around until they're removed.

Here's the educational portion of this post: An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test that measures and records the electrical activity of your brain. Special sensors electrodes are attached to your head and hooked by wires to a computer. The computer records your brain's electrical activity on the screen or on paper as wavy lines. Certain conditions, such as seizures, can be seen by the changes in the normal pattern of the brain's electrical activity.

Thank you WebMD for that excellent description. The purpose of this test for me, my Neurologist's wants to review my brain activity, particularly when experiencing headaches, migraines, dizziness and a few other symptoms. Luckily, the wires will come off one day before my daughter's 2nd birthday party. Whew!

So above is my before picture. Most of you know what I look like but that is for my newbie's. And also for myself. Just a little reminder that this is only temporary and my lovely locks will soon be flowing again. And below, well, it's obviously the after photo.

Not so hot. That fancy black strap you see is connected to a small fanny-pack-like bag that carries my recorder. I am the hippest chick on the block right now. Watch out California! Sarah's wired and she feels like freakin' people out. Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!! (That was my evil laugh).

It's kind of annoying having people look at you like you're crazy. Rather then crawling into a corner and crying, I'll just stare back at them and maybe make a crazy face and throw my arms in the air. LMAO! In all realness, I have to be pretty chill during this test. It's very sensitive and even a blink is seen on the screen.

Update: Still waiting on my MRI results but once I find something out, I will certainly share.

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