Monday, July 12, 2010

ENT Confirmed


According to my ENT, whom I saw this morning, I have phenomenal hearing despite a 24/7 ringing/buzzing sound in my ears that's also accompanied by an occasional high pitch squeal.

It is also confirmed that my 8 year old is ignoring me. Hmmm...

I was the talk of the office - Perfect hearing, Tinnitus, Devic's Disease, A Medical Marvil. Well, maybe not. But it sounds nice.

I went through a round of hearing tests which wouldn't be complete without the small, metal looking, sound proof room. Any normal human being would go crazy in that thing if they were in there for more than 5 minutes. And with blurred vision, the metal wire looking things covering the walls looked like they were fusing together and closing in on me. Fun!

Something I did learn from this appointment is that I have a pretty bad sinus infection. And not only that, but I'm contagious. Really!? I didn't think sinus infections were contagious, so I turned to my trusty Mr. Know-It-All, Google, and confirmed that it is indeed a spreadable cootie, depending on the circumstances.

I was ordered to limited activity (Yay!) and to take antibiotics for 10 days.

But then I remembered, I have a son at home with pneumonia and a daughter who seems to (just this morning) be coming down with something as well. So for me, taking it easy is not in the cards.


Abbie H. said...

Glad to see that you have a place dedicated to your new journey. Like I said on your other blog, you are and can be an amazing example and encouragement to others.

Keep fighting!

(and I LOVE that pic! It's too funny and cute at the same time!)

Stephanie said...

I have devic's as well. I am from the Nashville area and I too feel that my doctor is not looking in the best interest for me. It takes me being on top of his case to get anything done and even then I have to stay on his and his office case to get anything done. I feel as though I am telling him how to treat me sometimes. This is scary. I am currently in Jacksonville, Florida getting a second opinion regarding my condition and treatment options. Tests are completed and on tomorrow I go to the Neurologist to get my results and her advice on how to handle this disease. I am a mom of 3 and want to be proactive and not reactive like I have been for the last 6 years. I am very interested in your story how you were diagnosed and what all treatments have you tried. I am also in what health and fitness things you are doing.