Saturday, July 31, 2010

Finally!!! My Referral to the Mayo Clinic is IN!

What a process! I guess I'm lucky since it took me just a month and I know these things can take several months to get. But it was still very frustrating. The referral reads for a Dr. Maria Aguilar and she is in Scottsdale with Wingerchuk, he's who I want to see. I'm going to try to change the name on my referral, which I am usually allowed to do but if not, I'm gonna see Aguilar.

I'm hoping that if I have to see her, at least he'll be there to assist or available for her to run test results by. You can guarantee, I'll be requesting him to view everything. I've read and have been told that he is the best at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona and you already know, I want the best.

Unfortunately, it looks like my visit will not be completely covered by my insurance company. We're military so our insurance usually covers everything, no co-pay. But since the Mayo Clinic of Arizona is out of my network, there's going to be a hefty deductible and other fees. With all the tests they'll have to run to confirm my NMO, it's not gonna be pretty.

I'm going to call my case manager on Monday and get some facts about everything but, I feel a fundraiser coming on. =)


Jodi said...

I hope your apt goes well and you get the answers you are looking for. Good luck w/ the insurance company!

Sarah said...

Thank you Jodi!